Bill Laurance (interview nemmblog)
“We just did a short tour with the Metropole with Snarky Puppy, and I asked Jules Buckley, the conductor, if he recommended any string players from that orchestra and I was put in touch with Annie Tangberg who worked with us with her trio of string players who run effects when they play. They are phenomenal players and are really into the idea of collaborating, so we finished that tour and went straight on to mine. They are specialists in groove music, so their sense of rhythm and time is unparalleled and they are able to cover all the genres that we are exploring.”

Review Nemmusic
“Even the traditionally classical instrument known as the cello, but which shall forthwith be called the cellectrico, was hooked up to an effects pedal that turned it into a kind of synth saw that blew several minds when Annie Tangberg took a solo and created a sound I don’t think any of us in the audience had heard before.”


About the Leonids album “Satellite Broadcast Kill”:

“Sweet songs by Sonja van Hamel and Tessa Douwstra gain depth because of the daring parts played by the West Side String Trio.”
(“Zoete liedjes van Sonja van Hamel en Tessa Douwstra krijgen extra diepte door de uitdagende partijen van het West Side strijktrio”)

De Volkskrant
“Chamber music in space”
(“Kamermuziek in space”)

Het Parool
“An earthly space record”
(“een aardse space plaat”)